How to Connect Multiple Shopify Stores?

  • 18 June 2021
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Hi all,

There seems to be an issue with the Klaviyo integration with Shopify. In that, you are not able to connect more than one store to Klaviyo.

We recently launched our US store and have started to segment our audience to send location specific emails to our American customers. It is essential for us to have two stores at the moment as the US store have a slightly different selection of product vs. UK and can pay in USD. However I am not able to gather any analytics from this store. Making it hard to analyse campaign and flow performance for this audience.

I was curious to know if there was a work around or if Klaviyo were working on a fix for this?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Many thanks,



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Hello @Rory M,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

In order to keep data between stores separate, there can only be one store integrated per Klaviyo account. Klaviyo currently supports only one integration of any type within a single Klaviyo account. Since you recently launched a US store and already have an existing UK store connected with a Klaviyo account, I would recommend creating a new Klaviyo account to connect to the new US store you have launched.

@ashley_mcdermott has a great explanation of this in their Community post I’ve linked below:

Klaviyo also does support multi-account login for this very reason. Despite having multiple Klaviyo accounts, you can still access all of the accounts from a single login. On top of this, with multiple accounts, Klaviyo also does support sharing templates and flow structures from one account to another. You can learn more about both of these features from the About Multi-Account User Privileges and How to Copy Flows and Templates Between Klaviyo Accounts articles. 

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!




Does that mean you’d need to pay for 2 klaviyo accounts? Is there a way you can just create a subscribe form and hyperlink it to your subdomain?