How to integrate a custom website with Klaviyo?

  • 27 August 2022
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Hi fam,

I am looking to understand if there is an easier route to integrate a custom website with Klaviyo than using Firebase + Zapier.

To be honest, I am lost and not sure if even that is going to work. 

What are the suggested paths to integrate a custom website with Kalviyo? 
It would be ideal if you share some instruction manual/checklist that I can send to the dev team. 



P.S.: Thanks for the community card!  


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3 replies

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Hey @Akselpd,

Using third-party tools such as Zapier to integrate custom websites with Klaviyo has become ever more popular these days! Instead of leveraging a third-party, you also always have the option to create the custom integration yourself by using Klaviyo’s API

One of the key differences between using a third-party tool versus developing your own connection is the difference in flexibility and types of data that gets shared. Often times, third-party tools can only pass certain amount of data between the two apps that are connected and typically don’t have any further customization capabilities. Whereas, if you’re developing your own connect, since it would be fully custom, you’ll have greater flexibility in the types of data that gets synced over. 

In my opinion, no one option is better than the other and depend entirely on what your overall use case and goals would be. You may also want to take a look at our Developer Portal where we have various resources and guides on not only how to use our Klaviyo API but also connecting custom websites/platforms to Klaviyo. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi David,

Yes, this is for a colleague of mine. Really helpful! 

I would love to learn also about the idea of custom properties in Klaviyo. Perhaps that is unnecessary if the custom website is integrated with Klaviyo’s API. 

However, If in my case we are having bookings (hospitality industries) instead of placed orders. How can we create a segment of the people who have spent at least 500 euros? 

Is that something that this API integration is going to allow us to do? 

Thank you! 


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Hey @Akselpd,

Glad it was helpful!

I believe the first thing you want to understand is an “event” is simply just that. It’s just an indication that some sort of action has occurred and Klaviyo is notified of this event/action that took place. In essence, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to create a segment of users who have spent a specific amount of money so long as your custom event is built in a way that it passes a value property - or something similar. Obviously, the opposite is true - if your metric/event isn’t passing any sort of data pertaining to value, you aren’t going to have the option to segment off of that data point. 

This goes back to some of my previous points regarding limitations on third-party integration tools versus the flexibility of a custom integration. As a note though, even if you decide to use a third-party integration tool or a Klaviyo support ecommerce integration, you’ll always have the option to built and use custom metrics and events that are synced to Klaviyo. 

In my opinion, this sounds like something you may want to discuss further with your developer regarding the direction you want to go in and how you want to develop the connection between your store/site with Klaviyo. If you need more hands-on assistance or council from a developer, you can always reach out to some of our expansive network of Klaviyo Partners who specialize in development work.