How to integrate with a Wix website

  • 27 February 2022
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I have a Wix website (don’t go there!) and of course it is yet again one of the website hosts not to be included in the list of automatic integrations.

Does anyone know how I can set this up so Wix and Klaviyo will work together? 

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Klaviyo just released native Wix Integration -

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Hello @CatkinToys,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Although Klaviyo does not have a supported integration built with Wix, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to connect the two! You can connect Wix to Klaviyo by following the instructions on how to connect a custom integration with Klaviyo from the Integrate a Platform Without a Pre-built Klaviyo Integration documentation. This would offer you the most direct method of integrating the two platforms. 

Alternatively, I’ve heard from other members that you can also leverage a third-party resources to establish this connection such as Zapier or Using these third-party resources would still be considered a custom integration and we would suggest reaching out to these specific app developers for more details on how to create this integration. 

You may also want to reach out to one of our many accredited Klaviyo Partners for support if you were having trouble creating this integration yourself! 

I hope this helps!



Hi @CatkinToys


Did you ever work this out? Would love to hear where you landed