How to Link a Shopify Signup Form to Klaviyo

  • 16 May 2021
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Hi there,


I have two signup forms on my site. One is a Klaviyo pop up sign up form, and one is a Shopify sign up form in the footer. When a customer subscribes via the Shopify signup form, I see a profile created in Klaviyo, but I do not see them sync to the Klaviyo newsletter, as I have it set up:

I want all customers who sign up via Shopify to automatically sync to the Klaviyo newsletter. There are a few other blog posts about this, but none of the solutions have worked for me:

  • I have double opt in enabled for Klaviyo and double opt in disabled for Shopify
  • I am using the Debut theme, which is a Shopify free theme, not a third party app theme
  • The problem isn’t that the integration isn’t working. It is working, but the customers coming from the Shopify sign up form are not being added to the newsletter list (only to profiles)
  • I am not migrating anything over from Mailchimp, as that has been the problem for some people

I’ve looked through so many posts about how to fix this and nothing seems to work! Do I need to integrate some code into my Shopify theme? When I go to the Newsletter list and go to sign up forms, I only see the Klaviyo Pop up sign up form. 

I am thinking I need to install the code snippet to my Shopify Debut theme, but I am unsure where to paste that in.

I know one solution could be to just integrate a Klaviyo sign up form into the footer instead of the Shopify sign up form, but I am nervous that if a new customer goes to check out and opts in for emails, that they won’t be added to the newsletter list. Any help would be MUCH appreciated!





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4 replies

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Hi David,


Yes, it is on the password page! I didn’t even think about that being a factor, but now it makes total sense that it is. I followed these instructions and it worked!

Thank you SO much for your help, I was going nuts!



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Hey @WillardRD,

Thanks for those further details and the screenshots!

Since it looks like the current tags being passed from your form are “password page, prospect” can you confirm if this Shopify signup form in question is one from a Coming Soon Page/Password Protected Page? 

If so, @shoshana.antunes has a wonderful Community post about it below on updating this page’s form to be redirecting users to a list:

The difference here is that if this form is from your Coming Soon Page, then the form would actually be a part of your password-content.liquid template theme file as opposed to the newsletter.liquid file you added that hidden input group tag to. 


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Hi David,


Thanks for your help. Customers who sign up via the Shopify form are not getting a double opt in confirmation email. However, I already see that tag in the newsletter form code:

Even with this code, customers who sign up via the Shopify form are not added to the Klaviyo newsletter list. This is an example of a customer that just signed up via the Shopify newsletter, and they are appearing in the Klaviyo Profile list, but they do not appear in the newsletter. Their profile says “Accepts Marketing True”, but they did not receive any confirmation email.

Let me know if you have any suggestions. I can disable the double opt in on Klaviyo, though I had it disabled before and I was still running into this same problem, so I don’t believe that is the fix. Let me know if you have any suggestions. 





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Hello @WillardRD,

Thanks for highlighting those steps and areas you double checked already!

When signing up to this Shopify signup form, are you receiving a double opt-in confirmation email from Klaviyo; since you had mentioned double opt-in as being enabled for the list? If you are not receiving the double opt-in confirmation email, then this may mean you have not applied the hidden input group tag of <input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"> to the Shopify form. Without this hidden input group tag added to the Shopify Form, contacts would only be added to Klaviyo as a profile and would not be redirected to also added to the list designated through your Accepts Marketing setting. You can learn more about this hidden input group tag is used to add contacts to a Klaviyo list from the Sync Your Shopify Newsletter Subscribers to a Klaviyo List article.


In the event you are receiving the Klaviyo double opt-in confirmation email, have you accepted the double opt-in confirmation email to consent to subscribing to the list? Contacts who signup but do not confirm the double opt-in confirmation email sent to them are not expected to be added to the list and would only have a profile created and synced to Klaviyo. Not confirming their subscription would indicate that the contact has not opted in to share consent to join the list. 


Other similar Community posts that may prove helpful in reviewing are:

Hope this helps! Thanks for being a Community Member!