How to skip sending a product review request to a particular customer

  • 6 September 2023
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We are a B2B business selling products that customers buy from us on a regular basis.

I want to send a product review request, but I’d like to send something different if they’ve ordered it before and have not left a review - how do I go about setting this up in the flow?

Also, if they HAVE left a review before for a product, and then re-order it, I don’t want to ask them for a review again, but how do I skip them from receiving this email?




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5 replies

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Hi @andypGN!

I’m going to check on this with our Reviews team and I’ll update the thread ASAP!




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Hi Brian, 


Any update on this one?



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To clarify, are you wanting the review content to be specific to the product SKU? Or just a product review in general?

If it’s product specific, how many products do you have? One way to do this would be to set up the flow with conditional split or trigger split branches, split by products. But this could become messy if you have hundreds of products.

So as an example, you choose Conditional split and add conditions for the product ordered and if they have left a review for it (the metrics available will depend on what reviews app you use). 


For the second part of your question, do you only want to skip the review if the customer left it for a specific product, or skip them from asking for another review at all?

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Thanks for your response, Gabby.

Yes, I’d like the review to be product specific. We have around 40 SKUs listed online so I think this would be ok to do it the way you suggested?

I’d only like it to skip from asking them to review the same product. If they’ve ordered a different SKU, I’d want to the email trigger to send. 




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Hi @andypGN - I think @Gabby Conditional Split method above has you covered by specifying a specific SKU as the rule.  Just note, in her example, the “No” path is the one that should send the email since if the rule is met, it means someone already ordered that product “at least once.”  This should satisfy your requirements: 1) Skip review on same product 2) Send a review If they ordered a different SKU (since by definition, the first time means it’s a different product).

You just have to make 40 of these Conditional Splits, one for each product you have.  It’s a bit tedious, but should work in your situation. For practical reasons, if the products belong to certain categories, or are tagged in some internal grouping - perhaps you can limit this by category or groups to make this a bit more manageable.  In other words, it’s unlikely someone will review all 40 items, so does it need to be that stringent?  Perhaps just one request per group or category?  This depends on your goals of course, but that could simplify your implementation.And also remember, should you add a 41st product (or more later), you may have to come back to this Flow and add that path as well.