How to turn off Klaviyo Back in Stock Button for Discontinued Products

  • 13 October 2023
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We have products that we discontinue on a regular basis.

Is there an easy way (perhaps with a metatag) where we can designate which products will display the Klaviyo Back in Stock button and others that won’t?


We are trying to ensure a smooth customer experience and if the customer doesn’t see the button appear, then they will be more likely to purchase another available item on the site as opposed to waiting until this item is restocked again, which it never will - thereby losing us a sale.


Looking forward to your feedback.



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Hi @DieselGuyX , thanks for the question! It sounds like you might be looking for something that we provide when installing back in stock which is the property called “exclude_on_tags”. This allows you to exclude the back in stock buttons from showing on certain product Tags. Do you happen to organize those discontinued products with a Tag in Shopify? Here’s the doc on that.


For example, you’d do something like this to start out the script:

account: 'PUBLIC_API_KEY',
platform: 'shopify',
exclude_on_tags: 'discontinued'

Let me know if this solves it!