If I delete an order from wordpress, do I need to delete it in Klaviyo?

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Hi, I'm taking tests to study Klaviyo. If I delete an order from wordpress, do I have to manually delete it also on the Klaviyo dashboard?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 21 June 2022, 19:49

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Hi there @Raspada


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Do you mean to say that you’re taking our Product Certification Academy course? If so, that’s great to hear! Our Academy resources are great to continue your Klaviyo learning. 

If you have deleted the order within Wordpress, I’d recommend deleting the entire event in Klaviyo and push another sync. The reason being is that Klaviyo will record all events and stores them in itself, as stated in our Woocommerce Data documentation.


For more information on how Woocommerce Information syncs, I’d suggest checking out this thread for more insight!


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Thanks for the comprehensive answer.

I was not aware of the Klaviyo course but I meant that I am running various tests and studying this magnificent Klaviyo on my own doing many tests myself. In fact, thanks to the free subscription of 250 contacts, I am having the opportunity to get to know Klaviyo better and I must be honest that I can't wait to pay the PRO version to get serious because I see that it allows you to build a very powerful sales machine .. Thank you for sharing me out about the Academy, that I will definitely register and study everything that is possible with Klaviyo!

I'm loving Klaviyo so much for what it can do ... thanks again!

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Hi @Raspada


Love to hear how much you are enjoying and learning through Klaviyo! Here’s all you have to look forward to as well when you move from a free → paid plan.