Integrated Shopify with Klaviyo and lost my campaigns, half my newsletter list, and flows - HELP

  • 29 November 2021
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I originally was using Klyavio and had it synced with my Shopify store. I recently re-branded and changed my domain/email/etc. Suddenly Klaviyo asked me to sync up my accounts which I did. 

When I re synced everything to integrate suddenly my over 80+ email subscribers dropped to only 57, all my old campaigns are gone, my flows are also all gone, my saved email templates are gone. 

I’m devastated and do not know how to fix this or recover my original email subscribers or recover any of my flows, campaigns, and pretty much everything.

Is there a way to un-sync or recover what I lost?  

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Hey @kaveri 

I’m so sorry you are worried about all of the work you have already put into your marketing with Klaviyo, but I have some good news!

Most likely when you created the new Shopify store, you also created a new Klaviyo account with the new Shopify integration. You can reach out to Klaviyo Support and they can actually help you transfer all of your content to the new Shopify integration. It’s not lost, just in the old account waiting for it to be transfered.