Integrating VEND Lightspeed with Klaviyo

  • 4 October 2022
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Hi there

I have two clients who are having great difficulty integrating VEND Lightspeed and Klaviyo. 

Here’s what they have tried:

Client One:

  • spoken with Lightspeed and they’re not planning on creating an integration any time soon for Lightspeed X-Series. 
  • Tried using Storetasker to no avail
  • Spoke to my local web dev who thought he’d be able to do something through Zapier - he couldn’t. 
  • Put something on UpWork and only one guy got back to me, with a three week and US$1500 (approx) quote. 

Client Two:

My only work around… and note its messy… is this:

Vend - Link to mail chimp (free account) - then to Zapier - into Klaviyo.

Although it works, a straight integration would be nice. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations of developers who can create a straight integration from Vend to Klaviyo? 


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5 replies

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Hey @emailbydesign 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! If you need help from a developer please check out or Agency portal . It contains a list of all the agencies who are capable of helping your customers develop their custom API for VEND. 


Hello emailbydesign … I was wondering if you have had any further luck with your integrations from Vend POS (now Lightspeed X Series) to Klaviyo.  I have spoken with them many times over the last 8 years and Vend and Lightspeed are hopeless in adopting this approach.  They recommend Marsello everytime and that's pointless.

I picked up on your thinking with Mailchimp and maybe that's the way to go.  The tricky thing is that every Shopify sale goes in Vend and I have to make sure i dont get all that data coming back into Klaviyo again.  At least with using the Mailchimp approach I can use it as an interim filter before a sync to Klaviyo.

All im really after from Vend (lightspeed) is New Customer name, email address and any ongoing Placed Orders, $ amount and Product so I can get a better email auto approach across both the online Shopify world and instore with Vend POS.  You would think Vend / Lightspeed would think this is a good idea too!  

I did discover this too … but a bit hesitant


Keen to see if you have any new thoughts. Cheers




Actually - just shelved the Mailchimp idea as it only syncs the following. Sigh


Information synced from Retail POS to Mailchimp:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Marketing and Promotional Email status (unsubscribed / subscribed)

I’m also looking for a solution for this.


I originally set up a API workflow with Pipedream that was pushing through all the emails but Pipedream just made Klaviyo a premium account so now was hundreds of pounds a year if i update the flow to the new APIs.


Klaviyo and Vend PLEASE integrate!

Indeed, looking for a solution as well. Please note that Lightspeed will move everyone to the X-series and stop developing the R-series. Futurewise a Klaviyo and Lightspeed integration will be needed. Rather sooner than later. 

Big opportunity for Klaviyo as well to be listed on the X-series and attract new customers.