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  • 13 February 2023
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Hello community, has anyone ever done a Klaviyo-Siteground integration? Has it worked for you?


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Hi @valen !

It is possible to integrate Klaviyo with SiteGround.

Klaviyo provides a set of APIs and integrations that allow you to connect it with various e-commerce platforms and website builders, including SiteGround. The integration process varies depending on the specific platform you are using, but typically involves adding a Klaviyo tracking code to your website and configuring the integration settings in your Klaviyo account.

There are several resources available to help you with the integration process, including Klaviyo's official documentation and support resources, as well as online forums and communities where you can ask questions and get help from other Klaviyo users.

It's worth noting that the success of the integration depends on several factors, such as the specific version of SiteGround you are using, the complexity of your website, and your technical skills and resources.

In general, users have reported positive experiences with the Klaviyo-SiteGround integration and have found it to be a useful tool for managing their email marketing campaigns. However, as with any technology, it's always a good idea to test the integration thoroughly before launching it to a large audience.

I hope this is helpful, if you have any specific surveys, I would be happy to help)

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Thanks your answer was very usefull! 

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Always happy to help! 😉