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  • 11 November 2022
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Is there a limit to the amount of surveys that can be linked with typeform? I am trying to segment based off survey answers and the question I am looking for isn’t coming up under properties. Is there something that I need to do to make sure it shows up there?


I already have an integration set up and other survey questions are there, but for some reason the latest one that I am looking for isn’t showing up. 


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 14 November 2022, 19:32

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Hello @sarah.g and welcome back to the Community!


There are a couple reasons why the property may not be appearing during Segmentation. The first is that at least one person would have had to fill out the survey to generate the property, so if no one has answered that specific question and submitted the form yet, the corresponding property won’t be available for a new segment. This would also explain why the properties generation by other questions are available, but the new ones aren’t. 


I would also recommend to go through our Typeform Integration Help Center Article if you haven’t already, to ensure that the integration is correctly implemented. 


Lastly, may I ask how are you defining your Segment? Are you using the Filled Out Form metric in addition to the Properties about someone metric? This may be helpful for me to understand the use case more clearly. 


Thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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Hi! We have well over 1000 responses to the survey, so that’s not the issue. And I am using the poperties about someone option.