Is anyone using ReferralCandy or Friendbuy integration with Klaviyo?

  • 25 February 2021
  • 2 replies

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Hey guys, 

I’m doing some research and collecting data on running referral campaigns for DTC brands.

So, if you have integrated referral campaigns in your marketing strategy, then I would like to talk about a few data points.

2 replies


Hey Sourabh, 

We’ve integrated referral campaigns with Klaviyo for email marketing, may I know what are some of your questions around data? and which part of the strategy are you finding difficulties implementing? 

Feel free to send through your questions in bullet points via this thread here so the rest of the community can benefit from this conversation. 


Hey guys.  We have integrated our Referral Candy account with Klaviyo, but now need to customize it so that instead of sending the referral when the client registers, it sends the referral at the completion of their appointment.  Any suggestions?