Is it possible to have a Profile with no email?

  • 18 October 2023
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Hello everyone,

I know it might sound kind of basic, but we are building an integration to Klaviyo and was wondering if it was possible for a customer to set “Phone number” as primary key of their Profiles, and that allows having Profiles with no email but phone number…

With this in place, I could be able to create a Profile (via API) with just a phone number and no email.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @gustavog 

In Klaviyo, you can upload profiles in your account to keep track of all the information you have about a particular user. This includes email, phone number, additional contact information, and/or website activity. 

This means you can have a profile with just their phone number and no email. Keep in mind, in order to send SMS (text messages) you’ll still need their SMS consent.

Additionally, you cannot send email marketing to this profile until you collect their email address. To gather more contact information, like their email address, consider using email sign-up forms on your website for SMS subscribers.

Does this answer your question? If not, please let me know so we can dig a little deeper.

Thank you,



Thank you!

As a Klaviyo user, can I force that every profile “must” have an Email address?

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Hey @gustavog 

No, you can only encourage profiles to share their email address.

Even if a profile gives you their email, they must consent to receive email marketing from your business. Otherwise, you should not send them emails. Sending email marketing to non-consent profiles can hurt your deliverability and cause your brand to get marked as spam. 

We recommend setting up an email subscription sign-up form on your website to collect email addresses. You can inform them of the benefits of joining your email marketing list. A great way to get website visitors to join is by offering a discount for signing up. 

Let me know if this is helpful!




Thank you for your answer, Sharlyne.

I do believe I described my question poorly, sorry for that.

I wanted to ask if as a Klaviyo “admin”, I can force the settings so we don’t accept profiles with no email address. Something like “we don’t want to have Profiles with only mobile number”.

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No worries, thank you for clarifying.

The short answer is we can’t stop those profiles from coming into Klaviyo. Overall, we can’t stop someone from just signing up with an SMS number because Klaviyo still considers them a unique profile. For profiles, we typically just need either an email address, phone number or push token to create a unique profile for that user.

You can create a segment that looks for those who have a phone number set, but not an email address. Learn how to create and use segments in Klaviyo.

Hope this is helpful,



Thanks a lot for clarifying this!