Is the Webhooks documentation in Magento 2.4.3 for product removal or installing Webhooks in general?

  • 10 May 2022
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Hi community!

I am a little confused by the wording in my Klaviyo plugin on Magento. The webhooks that are set up here (following this step by step


- are they ALL the webhooks Klaviyo integraton will use, or just the product removal one? And if it is only the product removal one, then are any additional steps required to get the other webhooks to fire, like fx add to cart event?


Also, where do I find the webhook secret? or do I just make it up?


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Hi there @moorka!


Happy to clarify here! 


Essentially, our Magento Integration Documentation will walk you through how to install webhooks in general into your account. The documentation you linked that specifically references How To Enable Webhooks for Magento 2 is only walking you through how to install the additional product delete feature of webhooks. I can understand why that was a little confusing! 


Additionally, the webhook secret is a key that Klaviyo will use for validation. This secret can be anything you choose, but we recommend creating a secure string of letters and numbers. Magento will hide your webhook secret with asterisks for security purposes, so be careful to enter it correctly.


Finally, webhooks essentially just make sharing data and events to Klaviyo instantaneous. So it depends on the events and integration to discover if it would be synced via webhooks. You can see bythis documentation’s image  what events are synced via the webhooks of Magento. 


Since you can’t manually added the Added to Cart event to your integration like for Shopify and BigCommerce, you would actually need to  create a custom API event. This can be setup with the help of their developer. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to assist with creating custom API events, but if you need additional help and don’t have the aid of a developer on your team, I would recommend reaching out to one of our awesome Klaviyo partners who would love to help set this up for you! 


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community!