Is there a way to trigger cookies without clicking a link in a Klaviyo email?

  • 1 April 2022
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According to the Klaviyo Help Center, a user is only cookied if 1) they fill out a sign up form and 2) if they click on a link in a Klaviyo generated email.  We have a large number of customers who are active in our Klaviyo database, but they will frequently clear their browser cache and NOT click links in our emails. Given this situation, we cannot track their activity (view product, add to cart, checkout, etc.)  on our website.  

Is there any workaround for this?  Any other way to track/cookie an existing Klaviyo user without asking them to click links in our emails?




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3 replies

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Hi @motionrc,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

That is correct, those are the only methods Klaviyo is able to track cookies

I’m curious why you think your customers are frequently clearing their cache and aren’t clicking on your emails? Since these are not a typical behavior for the average customer. If your idea is based on seeing a lower number of clicks or a lower number of web tracking metrics than you’re expecting, that may indicate a separate issue to do with the web tracking snippets themselves or the emails themselves i.e. clipping. Happy to listen in more detail if you think there is value in sharing further information related to your tracking snippets and/or email content to dig in further.

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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Hi @Dov 

Our tracking snippets and email formats have all been validated by both Klaviyo and expert third parties.  My question was mainly to understand if there was another way to trigger a cookie and it sounds like there is not.  I was simply reacting to the fact that our site has decent traffic and yet only a small percentage (14%) of that traffic is being tracked in Klaivyo. That’s when I started researching how Klaviyo tracks users, and I was wondering if there was a way to re-engage those users that have either cleared their cache or not clicked on links within our emails for a period of time.  

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Hi @motionrc,

Thanks for your reply.

Glad to hear all of your tracking snippets have been squared away. And yes that’s correct, a user can only be cookied if they either fill out a Klaviyo sign up form or if they click on a link in a Klaviyo email. 

I’m including some resources you may find helpful to help get people cookied and tracked in the case that some of these users have not yet engaged:

For signup forms:

For clicks:

Cheers and thanks for being a member of our community.