Issue with Wrong Welcome Email Sending After Placed Order

  • 19 September 2023
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We’re having an issue with our Welcome flow. Even though we have filters and conditional splits to avoid sending Welcome Email #1 with a discount to customers, it’s still sending. So what is happening is customers who placed an order (and checkmark to subscribe to emails), get an email with a discount and are then manually asking for a refund of the amount. It’s been a headache!

It seems to be because Klaviyo and Shopify are not syncing in time. In this case, what can we do? Place a delay? But then it would affect others who signed up via footer or pop-up, who want the email with the discount to place the order. 





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5 replies

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Is the filter placed 0 orders over all time in the flow?

Can you test a 5 minute delay? 


Yes that is in the flow. We added 2-minute delay but I’m worried that affects people who signed up through the footer and pop-up. Is there no workaround between Shopify and Klaviyo? You would think the Klaviyo app would allow you to segment these users differently than bucketing them into the same list.

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Hey @alish_ann,

In my experience, adding a time delay would certainly help! This sort of behavior is typically due to how data from Shopify is synced to Klaviyo. 

If you’re concerned with those users signing up from a footer or pop-up form not receiving their discount in time, I would suggest separating those users out using lists or segments. This way, you can serve these users coming from the signup forms a different flow experience than the ones coming through from purchasing. 



@David To In the Klaviyo app in Shopify, there is only one place to add a list. So all the email contacts (footer, pop-up, checkout checked) go into one list. It’s a bad design.

Based off what you said, how would you segment that list then? We already have “Purchased zero times” in the flow filters but Shopify is not syncing with Klaviyo fast enough.

Also, we added a 2-minute delay to the flow and now we are not getting emails from people asking for a discount after they purchased. BUT our Welcome flow email #1 revenue dropped by 50%.

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@alish_ann if you're only using Klaviyo forms for signing up new people you could also use a filter that removes people that do not have $source = Shopify

The issue I'm having on my end is that Shopify is showing up as -50 in my list in the flow. Beats me, but it works.

So in your welcome flow, flow filter settings you can use $source does not equal -50 (or Shopify if that shows up on your end). See screenshots below


Good Luck.


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