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  • 7 October 2023
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We have a custom form on our website that sends emails to our backend, which we are then trying to add to Klaviyo through a double-opt in list via this endpoint: /profile-subscription-bulk-create-job


The issue is, every time we send the email over to Klaviyo on production we get a response of 202, which based on previous Klaviyo community posts on this topic means Klaviyo thinks we are being list bombed and successfully received the request but aren’t processing it.

What should we do? We are only receiving about 2000-3000 emails per day.


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 24 October 2023, 06:36

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Hi @Steven!

A 202 response doesn’t always indicate list-bombing - in fact, that’s a less common reason for that status code to appear.


Per our guide on rate limits, status codes, and errors, a 202 status code just means that the action requested in the API call occurs asynchronously - which is normal for a list that has double opt-in enabled (the subscribe cannot be performed until the recipient completes the opt-in).


I hope this helps!

- Brian


Hi Brian, that makes sense. Thank you for the answer. Since the profiles are not being added to the list I am attempting to subscribe them to (and when I test it with my own email, the double opt-in never gets sent), is there any other action I need to take beyond hitting this endpoint to get the emails to start getting added to the list?



Hi Brian, was there any additional thoughts here? We are hitting the above endpoint, getting a 202, but the double opt in email never gets sent.

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Hi @Steven!

Have you checked the Spam folder of your email that you’re testing with? If you’re not receiving the opt-in email at all, it’s possible that your inbox provider is filtering it out.