Klaviyo Integration with Wordpress

  • 1 November 2023
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Hi there, 

I’ve a B2B website, and I want to integrate it with Klaviyo. This is not an ecommerce website, it has the option to collect leads via lead forms on the website and nothing else. How can I integrate this with Klaviyo? I do not only want to integrate the signup form from klaviyo on my website, I want complete integration because I want to sent automated emails (flows) to those who have visited specific pages on my website.

There are no add to cart, check out options on this website, therefore what metrics should I consider installing?


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Hi there @USMarketer


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It’s not a problem that your not an ecommerce website, people user Klaviyo <> Wordpress all the time! All you need to do is install Klaviyo.js on Wordpress. Once you do, then you can publish klaviyo forms on your website that will feed users into your Klaviyo. I’d check out this thread to gain more insight! 


Additionally, seeing what page a subscriber visited, isn’t a native metric that we track in Klaviyo, however, you can create a custom metric to track this with the help of a developer or Klaviyo partner. Other members of the Community and conversed as well as how to add this into their Klaviyo account to track.


 If you aren’t an ecommerce website, then the only Klaviyo metrics you might have to segment on after users have been sent emails would be metrics related to email such as the ones below. I’d encourage you to ask for properties in your forms whenever you set them up so you can learn more about your subscribers, who they are and what they want from your business, so you can cater email content specifically for them and know what other custom metrics you might need to install in the future.

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