Klaviyo is not recognizing new orders on WooCommerce

  • 18 April 2022
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When a client begins the checkout process in our WooCommerce site, Klaviyo picks ups the event as “Started Checkout”, but it doesn’t recognize when the order is placed. Even after the checkout process ends and we receive an email from WooCommerce letting us know that there’s a new order, Klaviyo still shows it as “Started Checkout” and not as “Placed Order”.

What could be causing this? The products we sell are each custom made, so we don’t charge our clients upfront. Is the fact that our clients are not paying during their checkout process, causing Klaviyo to keep it as “Started Checkout” and not as “Placed Order”? What is the trigger that Klaviyo picks up to turn “Started Checkout” into “Placed Order” with WooCommerce?


Even when I change the status of the order on WooCommerce from “Processing” to “Completed”, Klaviyo keeps showing the event as “Started Checkout” instead of “Placed Order”.




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5 replies

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Hi there @giancarlosoldi,

Welcome to the Community!

When it comes to the placed order metric, it is handled by the server-side API, while the checkout started event is handled by the Client-Side API and since they process a bit differently, it can sometimes causes a delay for the placed order metric. How often integrations sync, shows that your integration with Woocommerce should happen in real time, but there are occasional delays that can take up to 15 minutes for the event to be created in Klaviyo. I would also check to see that your integration setup is healthy and there is no periodic sync that is awaiting. 

Delays in events syncing is common with the Woo Commerce integration, but there is a way to update your integration to update in real time!

We’ve added support for WooCommerce’s latest API version v3. By updating to the latest version of our plugin, you'll now receive your data in real-time. All the events you need — like checkouts started, orders placed, and orders fulfilled — will sync into your Klaviyo account within seconds of the customer action on your storefront.

After installing the latest plugin, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a REST API key for the v3 integration with read/write permissions. For more information on this step, see this section of our Help Center documentation.

  2. Update your integration in Klaviyo by selecting Update Settings on the WooCommerce integrations settings page:

  3. If you click to update, and then click the back button or navigate elsewhere before this authentication process completes, this will cause your integration to get disabled.

Please note that in order to use WooCommerce’s API v3 you must be on WC Version 3.5xor later and WP Version 4.4 or later.

For additional details and instructions on how to update your WooCommerce plugin, please visit our Help Center which details more on WooCommerce Updates and Extensions.


In addition, if you can screenshot an example of a profile that had received a started checkout and not the placed order that would be great.




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Hi Alex, thank you for your response and help.

This problem has been happening since we installed Klaviyo, a few weeks ago, so all orders made through our site are still showing up in Klaviyo as “Started Checkout”. I’m attaching a screenshot that shows an order confirmed in WooCommerce, but the profile on Klaviyo shows up as “Started Checkout” and not “Placed Order”.

With regards to the plugins and the versions of WP and WC, I’m checking and we have the latest versions. We have WP 5.9.3 and WC 6.4.1 and the Klaviyo Plugin 3.0.3.

When I go to the Klaviyo secion on Wordpress it says “Your Klaviyo + WooCommerce integration is connected!”. So I’m not sure what could be causing this issue.

We have a direct checkout plugin installed. Could that plugin cause the issue of Klaviyo picking up “Started Checkout” but not “Placed Order”?


EDIT: I’ve turned off the “Direct Checkout” plugin and placed a test order using WooCommerce’s default checkout process, but it still shows up in Klaviyo as “Started Checkout”, without showing “Placed Order”. 

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Hey there @giancarlosoldi,

My guess then is that there hasn’t been any periodic syncs as mentioned or there is an issue with your webhooks like a 401 authentication error.

I would advise creating a support ticket and seeing if my hunch is correct. Support team is more equipped to go into your account and see these details so I hope you hear back from them soon. 
I do believe that this could be an integration issue with WooCommerce and we are in fact dealing with something on the back end.




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Hi Alex,


Thank you for the ticket, the support team were able to solve this problem last night and now Klaviyo is reading all the events correctly.


Cheers and many thanks!



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Glad to hear @giancarlosoldi ! Hope you have a good rest of your day!