Klaviyo + Netsuite Integration

  • 7 September 2023
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Good Afternoon! Having a hard time figuring out an integration issue, so thought I would reach out to the community. I work for a B2B company that sells cell phone accessories to cell phone providers/stores. We currently have Netsuite as our CRM, which houses all transactional/purchase data from our customers and our website is protected by a log in screen. Due to this siloed data, I cannot connect the purchase data with our email data in Klaviyo, nor accurately track any clicks within the emails as they drop off at the log in screen. We would like to start behavioral sending, but without that data I cannot move forward with this initiative. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? I found a javascipt tracking code in a Klaviyo article that we can imbed on our website, but I also need to figure out how to push netsuite data into klaviyo. Halp!

Thank you!


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Hi @Chargii 

When you say you’re using NetSuite as your CRM, are you using what they specifically call NetSuite CRM?

Or are you using NetSuite ERP (which seems more likely as you’re talking about purchase data)?

If it’s the latter I may be able to help!


Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

You asked for direction, so my suggestion might be helpful to overcome a solution. 

Check Amazon CRM integration with Klaviyo that might help getting a direction. 


Thank you for the replies!

@David_Gurr_Make, My IT department says that it is an ERP, I would love your help!

@deepvyas I will check that out now, thank you!

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That’s great - we may well have a solution for you.

Make is a highly visual, easy to use no-code workflow automation solution with pre-built connectors for over 1,500 SaaS solutions, including Klaviyo and NetSuite.

You can build simple (or complex) workflows and can use if/then/else branching as well as array manipulation and iteration. All without needing to write a single line of code!

Put simply, if you can describe how you want your automation to work, you can build it in Make.


If you could drop me a DM with your email, I’ll put one of our solution experts in touch with you who can explain in more detail!


To integrate NetSuite with Klaviyo, consider using Skyvia. It offers a cloud-based solution to sync transactional and purchase data from NetSuite into Klaviyo. This allows you to effectively merge email and purchase data for behavioral targeting. Skyvia's integration capabilities facilitate seamless data flows, even in complex setups like yours, enabling better tracking and marketing initiatives.