Klaviyo Not Integrating with Wix

  • 9 February 2024
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Hi - I am a new potential user of Klaviyo. I have a Wix site that is premium and has a live domain (so no issues there). I followed the appropriate steps to connect the two… added Klaviyo to my Wix site, and agreed to user permissions etc. 


Where I am getting stuck is that when it brings me back to Klaviyo on the page where I am supposed to “Connect to Wix” it is saying “(314) An error occurred while creating your integration.”

I have tried reaching out to Klaviyo and Wix support- no one has gotten back to me.


Honestly, this is a BAD start to my interest in with  Klaviyo for my fast-growing startup. :( 



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Hi @sophiecollegecontact!

I see that our Support team has responded to your ticket, with the following explaination:

When customers receive this error, it means that your Wix Store has already been integrated with another Klaviyo account. We currently do not support integrating the same Wix store with multiple Klaviyo accounts, which is why you are seeing this error.


Have you previously integrated your Klaviyo account with a different site?




I’m having this problem as well with the 314 Integration problem with Wix - how do you dis-associate a previous account?