Klaviyo not integrating with WooCoomerce

  • 13 March 2022
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I’m posting here because the problem I’m having is impacting my company’s revenue.

Klaviyo totally doesn’t wan’t to integrate with WooCommerce. I’m getting the error message “We can't complete your setup - Details: Non 200 Response Received” when I try to establish a connection from Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin newest version(v. 3.0.1) to the Klaviyo platform. 

I contacted Bluehost to assist in whitelisting the user agent but they refuse to assist and say that the plugin is a third party plugin and they can’t help since there aren’t any errors on the WordPress dashboard. 

I’ve tried the steps that support team has offered here from a user with a similar problem without any luck. 


1. Delete the WooCommerce integration in Klaviyo
2. Delete the Klaviyo plugin in your WordPress
3. Re-install the plugin
4. Log into Klaviyo via an incognito window and re-add the WooCommerce integration


Still getting same error message. 


Please please help. 


I have an ongoing email conversation with the support team but would like help from any community members who were able to resolve this issue. 


Thank you



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6 replies


Yes, same problem here, however it seems that problem stems from apache ModSecurity blocking api requests on bluehost. But up until now bluehost couldn’t resolve the issue. 

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I contacted Bluehost twice the first time they refused to do anything completely. So I tried a second time and had them Disable the Mod_Security settings completely so that Klaviyo requests can go through they did that and issue still persists.

We also tried adding a rule to the mod_security settings that allow for Klaviyo requests to succeed by allowlisting Klaviyo user agent "Klaviyo/1.0". This also didn’t work so I’m at my wits end with this issue. 

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@dejans, great call out! I wasn’t aware of that before!

@duckfoxnet, just trying to cover all possibilities, can you confirm if you’re on WooCommerce version 3.5x or later and WordPress Version 4.4 or later? in order to use WooCommerce’s API v3 both your WooCommerce and WordPress versions must meet these requirements. You can learn how to upgrade to the latest WooCommerce version from the How do I upgrade my WooCommerce integration to real-time, if I integrated using the Legacy API? section of the How to Integrate with WooCommerce Help Center article of this was the issue.


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I'm currently on WooCommerce Version 6.3.1 and WordPress version 5.9.2 these are both all up to date. 


Hi, just checking if you were able to resolve this integration problem with klaviyo and woocommerce as we are having same issue.


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Hi @HouseoftaraLon1


My apologies for the delay here - since this could be a different problem than the original poster’s, would you mind explaining a little more context about the issue? Are you still facing the issue? If so, is it the exact same error message? This will help myself and other Community members obtain a better understanding of the issue.