Klaviyo not sending info to Zoho CRM

  • 15 August 2022
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Hello Klaviyo Team!

We are a small e-commerce business that mainly works on Shopify and Klaviyo. We recently integrated with Zoho CRM, and since we have sent email campaigns to new emails in Klaviyo, had new leads in Klaviyo, and new users make purchases through Shopify, however, no new information has been received in the CRM.

Klaviyo says it has been successfully integrated, but we are unsure if we are missing something in the configuration that prevents new data from coming in. 

Thank you so much!



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3 replies

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Hi @madeforliving,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Klaviyo Community. I’m glad to hear you’ve successfully integrated Klaviyo with Zoho!

The Zoho-Klaviyo integration is a one-way integration, in other words, Zoho will send us (Klaviyo) information about recipients housed in Zoho (i.e. the user email address, first name, last name and more, you can find a full list of properties synced from Zoho to Klaviyo here) but Klaviyo will not send data back to Zoho. If you’re looking to pass Shopify-specific information to Zoho, it would be best to have that discussion with Shopify to better understand how their platform interacts with Zoho. All of the capabilities we have with the Klaviyo-Zoho integration can be found in our integration documentation here.

I hope that’s helpful.


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Hi Dov!

Thank you so much for your quick response!

Is there a CRM that would sync in both ways with Klaviyo? This is what we currently have:

Shopify + Recharge + Klaviyo + Typeform + Gorgias 

Those are the main apps we are using. What would you recommend if we want to have a CRM that receives information from the campaigns we do in Klaviyo (since Klaviyo already receives the info from Typeform) - and of course, it would be a plus for something to also work with Gorgias or replace the need for that app - but my main focus is to have two-way communication with Klaviyo

Thank you!

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Hi @madeforliving,

Thanks for your follow-up note and the additional information.

Most data exchanged via a Klaviyo integration is one-way: data is pulled into your Klaviyo account so you can leverage a broad scope of your customer's data. We explain this in more detail in our article here. One exception would be with Shopify, where we can push certain fields to Shopify in addition to ingesting Shopify data (you can read more about this here). You can also get a better understanding of exactly what information Klaviyo syncs from third-party applications here.

Depending on what information you’re looking for, you can export quite a bit from Klaviyo including conversion data. I recommend reviewing export data from Klaviyo for more information. You can also export lists or segments into a .csv file and you can include as much information about your users as you wish i.e. first name last name, birthday etc. for export, and re-import the .csv back into your CRM. I’m also including our articles on exporting campaign analytics & flow analytics. You can also create custom reports and export those.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a community member.