Klaviyo only tracks me for "Viewed Product" and "Added to Cart" tracking

  • 6 April 2021
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I am trying to set up a flow for the “Added to Cart Trigger”, but for some reason after installing the Viewed Product tracking and “added to cart” snippet, my feed is only showing me. What’s also weird is for the “active on site” feed, it’s also only tracking me and one other customer. Which I know is not accurate because we’ve had several orders in the past hour. I figured maybe it has something to do with cookies? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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3 replies

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It can definitely have something to do with the browsers and ad blockers. 


First, just triple-check you’ve installed the snippet correctly. If you see that it’s tracking you correctly in a private window, then switch browsers and try it again. If you see that it works in some browsers and not others, you know that it IS installed correctly but other people have som kind of blocker turned on.

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Hi @rachel1990,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community. Also, thank you @DavidSandel for your solution. In all likelihood, the reason you are able to see these web tracking events for your profile and do not see them logged for others, is because the other users have not yet been cookied.

In order to log Viewed Product, Added to Cart or an Active on Site event in Klaviyo, you must first be cookied on the browser and then take the action corresponding to the event i.e. add an item to the cart. The cookie portion can be accomplished through a few different ways. This includes filling out a Klaviyo sign-up form, clicking through a Klaviyo email or self-identifying in the browser using a UTM parameter. For the latter method, you would append the following UTM parameter into the address bar: ? For example, The web cookie will last for two years and is specific to that browser.

In reference to your example, although there are users placing orders, that action in itself will not cookie the user and thus the user won’t log any of the web tracking events: Viewed Product, Added to Cart or Active on Site until they take one of the “qualifying” actions. We have more information on web tracking here.

Thanks, and have a great day.



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Thank you all! I did read more about this and yeah it seems likely that it’s the cookies preventing those users to be tracked. We haven’t sent any emails through Klaviyo yet, so hopefully when we do, we’ll start to see the tracking.