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  • 2 February 2023
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Does anyone have an experience with the Klaviyo plugin for Shopware?


I know Shopware isn’t a native integration but this plugin seems to be made by Klaviyo and I wondered if it would automatically set up events instead of having to go the API route. 




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Hi @LydiaQuincy and welcome to the Community!


At this time, the only supported integration method is described on the installation guide of the Shopware site, which requires the Klaviyo API:


How to install the Klaviyo for Shopware 6 plugin?

After registering on  , the extension still needs to be connected to the Klaviyo API. This is done in the area: Settings → Extensions → Klaviyo where both the private and public API key from Klaviyo (Account → Settings → API Keys) must be stored.

How to set up automatic product export from Shopware 6 to Klaviyo?

After the plugin has been installed and connected to Klaviyo, the article import from Shopware 6 to Klaviyo must be set. This is done in a similar way to, for example, Google Shopping via a Shopware 6 "product comparison". To do this, please carry out the following steps:


  • In Shopware 6, a "dynamic product group" must first be created, which contains all products active in the shop. This is implemented in Shopware 6 under "Catalog" → "Dynamic product groups" → "Add dynamic product group". 
  • A new sales channel must now be created. A "product comparison" is taken as the type here. As soon as the sales channel has been added as a "product comparison", it still has to be set up fundamentally. Our plugin adds a "template" specifically for Klaviyo here. Please select this. After this "product comparison" has been set and saved, Shopware 6 provides a URL with the products as XML. 
  • This URL is now required in Klaviyo. To do this, under "Catalog" → "Manage custom catalog sources" → "Add new source" must be added. As soon as this has worked, you can see the products from the Shopware 6 shop on this page in Klaviyo, which are then automatically updated by Klaviyo from now on.


Additionally, I found a more detailed guide on the Shopware site here:


I will reach out to our Product team to determine if there are any future plans to document this integration on our side, but I hope this helps clarify in the mean time!

- Brian

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Hi @Brian Turcotte, thank you so much for your help!