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  • 2 February 2023
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Does anyone have an experience with the Klaviyo plugin for Shopware?


I know Shopware isn’t a native integration but this plugin seems to be made by Klaviyo and I wondered if it would automatically set up events instead of having to go the API route. 




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Hi @LydiaQuincy and welcome to the Community!


At this time, the only supported integration method is described on the installation guide of the Shopware site, which requires the Klaviyo API:


How to install the Klaviyo for Shopware 6 plugin?

After registering on  , the extension still needs to be connected to the Klaviyo API. This is done in the area: Settings → Extensions → Klaviyo where both the private and public API key from Klaviyo (Account → Settings → API Keys) must be stored.

How to set up automatic product export from Shopware 6 to Klaviyo?

After the plugin has been installed and connected to Klaviyo, the article import from Shopware 6 to Klaviyo must be set. This is done in a similar way to, for example, Google Shopping via a Shopware 6 "product comparison". To do this, please carry out the following steps:


  • In Shopware 6, a "dynamic product group" must first be created, which contains all products active in the shop. This is implemented in Shopware 6 under "Catalog" → "Dynamic product groups" → "Add dynamic product group". 
  • A new sales channel must now be created. A "product comparison" is taken as the type here. As soon as the sales channel has been added as a "product comparison", it still has to be set up fundamentally. Our plugin adds a "template" specifically for Klaviyo here. Please select this. After this "product comparison" has been set and saved, Shopware 6 provides a URL with the products as XML. 
  • This URL is now required in Klaviyo. To do this, under "Catalog" → "Manage custom catalog sources" → "Add new source" must be added. As soon as this has worked, you can see the products from the Shopware 6 shop on this page in Klaviyo, which are then automatically updated by Klaviyo from now on.


Additionally, I found a more detailed guide on the Shopware site here:


I will reach out to our Product team to determine if there are any future plans to document this integration on our side, but I hope this helps clarify in the mean time!

- Brian

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Hi @Brian Turcotte, thank you so much for your help!  



We use Klaviyo for our shopware 6 e-commerce project. And now we have question when we used magento we could integrate coupons code from shop to Klaviyo, is it possible in shopware 6? if yes how to that? We have already installed custom Klaviyo plugin for our shop and set private pub keys.