Klaviyo + Woocommerce Integration not working (stuck at "Connect to Woocommerce")

  • 15 November 2023
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I had my Klaviyo and Woocommerce connected for a while and all was good. I dont use klaviyo much but recently I had to setup a campaign and noticed that the products were not synced anymore (new products added on woocommerce were not showing up in klaviyo).

Therefore, I decided to do a few troubleshooting steps, I installed the latest Klaviyo plugin which required me to setup an account with … this wasnt necessary before… After I setup the plugin I had to also link my website with … I did this and now when I go to my wordpress Marketing>Klaviyo admin page I see a message that says “ Your Klaviyo + WooCommerce integration is connected!
Head back to the Klaviyo dashboard to continue with next steps for getting your account up and running or to modify any of your Klaviyo + WooCommerce integration settings.” with a button that says “go to your woocommerce settings” , when I click this buttons it sends me to klaviyo admin Integrations>woocommerce but its still showing the message “Let's get WooCommerce integrated with Klaviyo. Integrate your WooCommerce account to pull in data to build custom segments, send automations, track purchase activity, and more.” with a button “Connect to WooCommerce” when I click this button it sends me again to the ( Klaviyo plugin page where I downloaded the plugin …


So basically, it looks like KLAVIYO doesnt see that woocommerce and klaviyo are already connected?… maybe? … If I browse my website with a subscribed klaviyo user, I can see that the klaviyo profiles are updated (add to carts, viewed products etc)… however, the product feeds are still not updated and if I go to the Klaviyo integrations page it shows “No integrations available” …


I am not sure what else to do…


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Hi @Loukad!

I would start by closing your browser and clearing your cookies/cache, and then re-opening Klaviyo. It’s possible there is a caching problem that is preventing Klaviyo from updating the integration tab.


If that doesn’t resolve the issue, I would suggest the following two things:

  1. Make sure that you are integrating with the ‘https’ version of your site, the unsecure ‘http’ version is not adequate for integrating with Klaviyo.
  2. Make sure that your WooCommerce site’s SSL grade is at least an ‘A’, which you can check by entering the URL here: