Loyalty Lion | Klaviyo Integration

  • 19 March 2021
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Who is using loyalty lion app on shopify and also klaviyo? would love to connect to see what flows you are using to combine both, looking to get a bit more sophisticated with how we are integrating our loyalty scheme with klaviyo flows. 

5 replies

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Ahhh I am in the same position. We just signed on for Loyalty Lion, and I am trying to figure out how to build the Referall and points flows within klaviyo, but kind of just confused on where to start. Please let me know if you made any progress or have any tips!

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I came here looking for the same thing! Just getting everything set up and looking for inspiration.

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Hey @Stacey B.,

If you’re just getting started, I would recommend taking a look at some of Loyalty Lion’s own resource on this since they’re the ones who developed the integration. I find that the Klaviyo - EventsKlaviyo - Essential Loyalty Email Flows, and Klaviyo - Explainer Video resources offer a great starting point! I also especially like how they show some examples of flows they suggest.


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Thank you! @David To I’ll be sure to take a look at those resources!

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Loyaltylion support team has also helped with some templated flows that they could share with you @Stacey B., @jakenewbould and @DesignBalloonin. I would reach out to your rep and see if they could drop a flow (if given access) and you can customize from there.