Magento 2 started checkout trigger not syncing with Klaviyo

  • 14 April 2022
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Hi, We’re having issues and have found that Magento 2 started checkout trigger is not syncing with Klaviyo. See below information:

  • Klaviyo don't seem to be calling our API
  • We replicated their API call and had no issues
  • First arose around 1st April. 7th April it started syncing again. 11th April the sync stops.
  • Other Magento 2 triggers seem to be syncing every hour as normal.

We’re not sure if this is a widespread issue and/or steps we can take to solve asap.



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3 replies

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Hey @sarahc4u 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community. We are so happy you found us to get some help!

I was able to see that Klaviyo Support has reached out to help solve this challenge. I hope they were able to fully solve your started checkout challenge! Thank you for coming to the Klaviyo Community!

We are experiencing the same issue, This metric Started checkout is usually not syncing unless a customer is logged in to Magento when starting checkout. Most of our customers are GUEST, so we need help to fix this. 

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Hi @Hooman!

This is likely because of how Klaviyo identifies profiles - if the site visitor is never cookied in one of the following ways, Klaviyo is unable to track events since it can’t identify a profile to associate them with:


- Brian