Magento 2- Viewed product metrics not working

  • 19 March 2024
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Hi everyone,

Like the title said, the “Viewed product” metrics has never been triggered since i installed Klaviyo in a magento 2 website.


As you can see, the metrics is managed by API but not the Magento 2 “native integration” which handle other metrics

My integration look ok, so do the onsite tracking

What am i missing ?

Thx for help



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Hey there @Francisco J! It can be frustrating when Klaviyo's "Viewed Product" metric isn't triggering. Here are a few things to check:  

  1. API vs. Native Integration: While your integration seems okay, double-confirm it's set up for the Klaviyo Magento 2 plugin (native integration) and not solely relying on the API. The native integration typically handles product view tracking.

  2. Plugin Version: Ensure you're using the latest version of the Klaviyo Magento 2 plugin. Outdated versions might have bugs affecting functionalities.

  3. Data Sync: Verify that data synchronization between Klaviyo and Magento 2 is functioning properly. Sometimes, delays can cause a temporary lag in metric updates.

  4. Testing: Try viewing a product yourself and see if the "Viewed Product" metric reflects the activity in Klaviyo after a short wait (around 30 minutes for sync).

If none of these solutions work, for further troubleshooting on Klaviyo's product view tracking within Magento 2, this Klaviyo Help Center article offers a comprehensive guide: Klaviyo Article