Marketing add-ons with Klaviyo - looking for recommendations

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I run the email channel for and am looking to breathe some new life into the channel. Has anyone had success working with any integrations / 3rd parties that work well with Klaviyo and added a lot of value to your email program? Areas of interest include list growth, engagement, conversion rate, revenue growth. 

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Hello @RH99999,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! 

I’m sure other Community members can speak more to this than I can, but if you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at Klaviyo’s directory for all our Tech Partners. This directory is a list of all integrations that either Klaviyo has built a direct integration with or whose own team has developed their own connection with Klaviyo.

Would love to hearing more about the various tech stacks other Community members are using with Klaviyo as well!


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I’ve had a lot of success using with our clients. We’ve been able to build some fun quizzes and product recommendation tools using TypeForm and responses are sent right over to Klaviyo. This helps with list growth, revenue (offer a discount via welcome series) and future segmentation (can map responses to specific Klaviyo properties). It’s been a great tool for us!