Multiple Shopify stores, One Klaviyo Account

  • 12 May 2022
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I know it is best practice to use 1:1 ratio for Klaviyo accounts and Shopify stores. I have 6 stores al for different regions. ES, FR, USA, AU, DE, UK. I see most answers say it best practice to have 6 Klaviyo accounts but what would be the alternate option?


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Hi @Jose Marte,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

That is indeed the best recommendation, to designate one Shopify store per Klaviyo account. There is no recommended alternative at this time for Shopify. While it is technically possible to integrate all stores with the same Klaviyo instance, we highly recommend against this, because metrics coming into your Klaviyo account through several accounts become convoluted and there would be no way to tell which actions came from where. There is a high probability that unintended audiences from one group receive emails meant for another group based on the metrics funneling in from several accounts at once. There is a high likelihood of confusion amongst metrics with flows and with building segments as well. We don't provide a way to separate stores within a single Klaviyo account if you are using Shopify.

If you are using Magento, it is possible to integrate a Magento server that has multiple stores on it. When you do this, we will sync all profiles and order data from each store into your account. Additionally, we will sync "Magento Store Name" and "Magento Website ID" properties for each profile created to let you know which of your stores that profile comes from. You will then be able to configure our extension on a site-by-site level to pick which list to add subscribers to, and you can filter flows and segments using the Magento store name to separate flows between stores.

In short, in order to keep data between Shopify stores separate, there can only be one store integrated per Klaviyo account. So you would need to create a new Klaviyo account for each Shopify store that you have. However, you can use the same login email for each one, so you can quickly switch between them.

You can also copy both templates and flows between accounts if you use the same email address for all Klaviyo accounts.

I also recommend checking out our course: Guide to Running a Multinational Business.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a member of our community.


I have a question following this same thread: how should we approach the sender address and Domain? I am currently on dedicated domain, but a shared IP. Does my second store/Klaviyo account require a completely new domain and IP setup or can we leverage our existing sending framework?