Need Help With Treeapp Klaviyo Integration

  • 18 May 2023
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I need some guidance with integrating TreeApp into my Klaviyo account and testing the flows.

Here's what I've done so far:

  • Connected TreeApp in the backend
  • Created a flow with the "Placed Order" trigger
  • Set up a webhook with the TreeApp key using this code:
    { "quantity": 1, "profile_id": "{{person.KlaviyoID}}" } 

Now, I have a few questions:

  1. Is this code correct for planting one tree per order using TreeApp?
  2. How can I test and send the TreeApp flows to see how they look? Do I need to design my own template for this?
  3. Are there any additional steps or configurations required in Klaviyo for a seamless integration?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. If you have any resources or documentation that can assist me, please share them.

Thanks in advance 


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Hi @Oliver.T!


I actually just posted a solution recipe for this exact integration here, where there are clear and expansive steps on how to integrate correctly:


To answer your questions more directly:

  1. Yes, as long as your flow is set up correctly (as instructed in the above article), the correct webhook body would be structured just how you had it:
    "quantity": 1,
    "profile_id": "{{person.KlaviyoID}}"


  2. Here’s our detailed Help Center article on how to preview and test flows:

  1. Each integration will require different steps/considerations to ensure its effectiveness, but for this specific integration, the above solution recipe offers very detailed instructions. If you have unexpected difficulty with the integration while following these steps, feel free to reply or start a new thread where we can take a look at any specific issues!


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!

- Brian


Hey Brian, thanks a lot for the useful info! I'm a bit uncertain about setting up the flow correctly. I've created a flow with a webhook, but I need guidance on how to configure it to send an email to the customer, letting them know they've planted 1 tree with their order. Should I add this to the order confirmation email or set up a separate email below the webhook? I'm new to Klaviyo in general, so I haven't really worked with webhook and triggers before. I'm just not sure how to connect the webhook with an email and set up the necessary logic. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please take a look at the image below, It shows my current setup. 



Just would like to add that the email should be sent 1 day after they place an order, informing them that we have planted 1 tree with their order. I'd like to send an email resembling this template, but I'm unsure about correctly incorporating the values in the designated areas. 


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Hi @Oliver.T!

The flow setup will vary greatly depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, but I can definitely provide some clarifying points:

  • First, you’ll have to make sure you’re integrated with Treeapp using their instructions.
  • The webhook step is only intended to send the message to Treeapp to plant a tree, so you won’t message the customer in that part.
  • If you’d like to message the customer 1 day after the order is placed, you can add a time delay component after the trigger or webhook step, and set it to one day. Here are some more detailed instructions on time delays:
  • After the time delay, you can position your email step where you write a message to the customer informing them that they’ve planted a tree. If you’re planning on informing each customer that they’ve planted 1 tree after every order, you don’t even technically the values you referenced - you could just write in the body of the email that a tree has been planted, and they will receive that email every time they place an order.

I hope this helps!

- Brian