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  • 28 November 2023
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Hello there,  

I’m setting up my new site with my new Klaviyo.  The drop down for “Advertising Account” is only showing my personal FB page.   The drop down for “Lead Ad Settings” is only showing my business page.  I want to only link my business page.   Is it correct to select my personal FB page on “Advertising Account”?  



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Hey @PHuet,

Great question. I’ve seen stuff like this happen for two reasons.

  1. Are you an admin of the ad account and FB page? And an admin through Business Manager? 
  2. When you accepted the FB authorization, did you make sure you granted Klaviyo permissions to your new pages? 

There is a great discussion a few years back that has screenshots and step by step instructions on how to troubleshoot this. You can find it here. It’s old, but all of those troubleshooting steps should be the same.


Let me know if either of those steps work!


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Hi @PHuet 


It seems there might be a connection issue with your Facebook accounts in Klaviyo. To refine your settings, ensure your business page is connected to both your advertising account and lead ad settings. If the dropdowns are limited, try reauthorizing your Facebook integration in Klaviyo. This often resolves such discrepancies. If issues persist, please check your Facebook permissions and make sure the necessary pages have the required access. 





@Akers Digital 


OMG, thank you for replying😃!  I don’t think I granted Klaviyo permissions in FB business page, am correcting now (trying to).   Thanks again.   Best, Pam