'Newest products' recommendation does not work in product feed

  • 29 March 2023
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In the article it is stated:

We use a “created_at” timestamp that is specific to Klaviyo. This means that when you first sync your catalog, every product in the catalog will have the same “created_at” value, so the newest products recommender will not be useful at first. Once you’ve added some new items to your catalog after the initial sync, you should start to see the expected behavior.

This also means that items will not be prioritized by the recommender just because they’ve been “updated” or have recently come back in stock. This recommender will only prioritize net new products added to your catalog.


But it is not working like described here. I get not the newest products, but recently updated products.


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Hi @Lina!


Would you be able to confirm that you’ve added any net new products since the initial sync? Also, may I ask which e-commerce platform you are integrated with? Finally, can you confirm that you are checking the “Newest products” recommender and not the “Recently viewed” recommender while testing?


These questions will help myself and other Community members understand the issue better so that we can offer more accurate help.




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Hi @Brian Turcotte , thank you for getting back.


I am using WooCommerce and yes, I’ve added new products since last initial sync. And I am sure I am checking ‘Newest products”.

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Hi @Lina


My apologies for the delay here - I just reached out to Support on your behalf as this could be an account-specific issue. I’ll update the thread when there is more information available.


Thank you!

- Brian