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  • 8 March 2022
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We have successfully set up JavaScript tags and server-side Track API calls, but I can’t see a “currency” field in any of the JavaScript or API calls?

  • “Viewed Product” Event in client-side JavaScript
  • “Added to Cart” Event in client-side JavaScript
  • “Started Checkout” Event in client-side JavaScript
  • “Placed Order” server-side API Call 
  • “Ordered Product” server-side API Call

We’re an ecom retailer that processes transactions in 10x currencies and would need to record the currency and appropriate language for each of these calls. I would expect Klaviyo to convert the transaction currency to the account currency reporting (eg. it would make no sense adding Swedish Krona to US Dollars) and to also have a way to pull the right language/currency catalog for any abandonment emails, etc.

Have read some other posts on this forum that suggests that Klaviyo can’t do any of this though, and that the solution is to set up a new Klaviyo account for each currency you deal with(!)

Is this still the case?


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Hello @crobinuk,

For some additional clarification, instead of setting up a new Klaviyo account for each currency you deal in, we suggest creating separate Klaviyo accounts for every country specific store or website you own. The difference here depends on how your store and backend is setup. For example, if you own both a US and a UK store, we would recommend setting up different Klaviyo accounts as it would allow for better reporting purposes and because they are different web domains. This also comes with the added benefit of separating the different currencies.

If instead, you own one store but deal in multiple currencies, the ecommerce/payment platform you are using will typically handle the currency conversions within your backend to your set desired currency. An example of this would be a UK based retailer when a US based customer were to make a purchase in USD. During the purchase, the ecommerce/payment provider will perform the necessary conversions and relay the information as the converted currency of GBP. 

You’re correct in understanding that Klaviyo does not perform any currency conversions with the data provided to it. Klaviyo will only perform currency conversions when dealing with benchmark reporting in order to give an appropriate comparison of your account’s performance with other accounts in USD. 

If you’re sending server-side API events to Klaviyo, nothing would technically be stopping you from including and passing a currency field as part of these payloads. Since these would be custom events, you can include whatever fields and data you want as part of the payload to be synced to Klaviyo. The server-side API payloads provided in the Integrate a Subscription Ecommerce Platform article are simply base examples and are open to your interpretation on any additional data you may want to include or omit. 

I’ve recently commented on a similar Community post which I’ve included below which I believe may be helpful:

I hope this helps!


Thanks David. Looks like in order to make sure that Catalogs and automated emails quote the right price/currency for our customers emails (eg. basket reminders), and to make sure that reporting works (ie. doesn’t  try to add Swedish Krona to US Dollars) we would need to do what you recommend and take out a separate Klaviyo subscription for each country we ship to.


I’ve done the maths and this approach would more than double the annual cost of the service, because we’d be paying higher rates per subscriber and miss out on the economies of scale that should have otherwise kicked in. Disappointing.