Notify When Available Button Doesn't Work When Changing Color Option

  • 7 October 2021
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The “Notify When Available” Button works perfect when I go to the exact shoe and color I want to choose on the product page.  Example:

However if I change the color on the product detail page, The “Notify When Available” button doesn’t work correctly.  I need to refresh the page to get it to work.  

Example: - then go to the Sunrise shoe - You’ll see the “Notify When Available” won’t work.  Is there something in the code that I can do to refresh the button each time you change the color?  

Thank you for the help


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Hi @justcallmefry,

Welcome to the Community! I hope to help with your question here and see if we can pinpoint the issue.


To preface, the Klaviyo Community and Support teams will only look into troubleshooting free Shopify themes; custom Shopify theme support inquiries will not be investigated by us..

Some users have found that a variant appears out of stock and therefore, cannot be selected. Because it cannot be selected, our Back in Stock system won't know that this is the variant being viewed in order to provide the Back in Stock functionality. This may be a limitation of the particular theme you are using for your storefront. I recommend checking with your theme developer if there is a way to change the functionality such that out of stock variants can still be selected/viewed or changing to a theme where this is possible. I would also look into if your theme offers the option to have the page refresh upon choosing a new variant as the button may not update unless the webpage has been refreshed per variant.

An issue others have seen is that the BIS Trigger works (like yours) but clicking on it will not bring up the modal. The cause of this is because the ‘.product-menu’ div that contained the button had a .stopPropogation() method attached to it. So it was halting the button from triggering the modal.

Please let me know if these two solutions worked or if you are using a custom theme.

All the best,