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I’m building out a Welcome series. I’m wanting to use Okendo’s Product Review Aggregate Feed on the products I feature within the welcome email. I need the reviews count to be dynamic so it’s accurate and creates more social proof as we get more reviews. Is there a way to do this? 


I’m following this doc and it seems it may be possible if I play with the source code a little. My only issue is it needs to be static - not event based. Aka the product will not change.

This is the closest example but only works for dynamic placements:



This is not what I’m after as I only want the reviews count over actual reviews:



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Hi @StudioGreene!

I will check on this internally and update the thread ASAP!

- Brian


Posting the answer here: 

You'll need to go through the steps here to add a web feed. 

Then in the email paste this code as a source, wherever you want the snippet. 

{% with productId=event.ProductID|slugify %} {% for value in feeds.product_review_aggregate %} {% if productId == value.product_id %}
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border:0;">
 <td style="padding-top:2px;padding-right:2px"><img height="14" src="https://d3hw6dc1ow8pp2.cloudfront.net/emails/review/stars/stars-{% widthratio value.rating 1 10 %}-000000.png" style="height:14px;" /></td>
 <p style="padding-top:1px;padding-left:2px;font-size:14px;">{{ value.count }} {% if value.count > 1 %} Reviews {% endif %}{% if value.count == 1 %} Review {% endif %}</p>
{% endif %} {% endfor %} {% endwith %}

Change event.ProductID|slugify to the product Id. For example: productId="123456789" 

Just make sure to keep the quotation marks