Only some email sign ups from Shopify are syncing to Klaviyo

  • 1 December 2021
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We are quite new and building… we have 47 email subscribers on Shopify, but only 12 are showing up in the newsletter on Klaviyo. We do not have double opt-in on at the moment (I know, we’ll turn it on, but let’s get things working first, after all, these are mostly friends and family at this point).

All other syncing is working just fine, and, again, we have some showing up. So, it’s only a few that are not. I’ve looked and none of the missing ones look different from the ones that show up. None are waiting for an opt-in confirmation, some have purchased, some have not, they are all coming up in Shopify as “agreed to receive email marketing”, some are older and some are new (there’s no pattern for time).

How do we get all of them to sync over?


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Hello @Stephanie Robbins,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Since it sounds like you recently connected your Shopify store with Klaviyo, one thing to keep in mind is that existing subscribers from Shopify are not going to automatically be synced to a specific Klaviyo list as part of the integration. Contacts will only be added to a Klaviyo list going forward since the integration has taken place.

Also, as a reminder, some set up is required to sync contacts from Shopify to a Klaviyo list. If you were using a Shopify signup form, you’ll want to applying the hidden input group tag as mentioned in the Collect Email Subscribers subsection of the Guide to Integrating with Shopify Help Center article. In addition, you’ll also need to ensure the Shopify Accepts Marketing setting is enabled as detailed in the How to Sync Shopify Email Subscribers to a Klaviyo List Help Center article.

Only with both of these actions taken will contacts be added to a specific Klaviyo list from a Shopify signup form and/or through accepts marketing while processing an order. There’s also a number of Community posts on this topic that I believe you may find helpful reading on as well! I’ver included some below that may help you:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David,

I had read those topics, but the info about the previous emails not moving over is new and quite helpful. Thank you.

We’ve moved from the Shopify signup to the Klaviyo signup form. So, the tag is not needed, but perhaps the older signups didn’t move because of that.

Oddly, about an hour ago, several older signups moved from our Shopify list into Klaviyo. I didn’t do anything, not sure what’s going on. We’re almost complete with those who have checked the “Accepts Marketing” box (so to speak).

I’ll read through the information sent and see if there’s anything else to be done at this time. Moving forward we shouldn’t have issues as we’re using the Klaviyo form and new signups seem to go right into the correct list.

Thanks again,