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  • 23 April 2022
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When I try to set up any of the order status flows eg. order confimation, in the settings it gives me the message “While your Shopify store is integrated with Klaviyo, we are not currently receiving any Placed Order data” is this just because I havent lanuched my stire yet and had any orders?

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Very likely due to the fact that you haven’t actually launched, launch your site and place a “dummy order” to yourself and see if the PO metric becomes available then?

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Hi @wabisabi,

Welcome to the Community. 

When you or a customer places an order in Shopify, Klaviyo uses the provided email address to sync that order into the platform. Please confirm you provided a valid email address when you placed your test order in Shopify? You can refer to Shopify's documentation on Placing A Test Order here.

Once you have placed your test order in Shopify, you should immediately see the event populate within Klaviyo here. For your Order Confirmation email setup, Klaviyo is displaying this error message because there are no placed order events that have been passed through into the account via the Shopify integration.  We can see this reflected if you view your Placed Order Metric as well.  Despite this message however, you should still be able to create this type of flow successfully.  


@JNorm ‘s comment is right that you don’t have any order data to go off so we wouldn’t be able to tell what is wrong since you haven’t placed an order yet.