Prestashop Integration with Klaviyo does not work

  • 20 March 2023
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Context: I am an email marketer, I use Klaviyo as a CRM and I have a new client who wants to send emails. As I use Klaviyo, I recommend they use it as well.

Problem: They have a Prestashop account and we're having lots of issues connecting the Prestashop account with the Klaviyo account.



Even my client's programmer is not able to fix the problem. We did all we can. Followed your Integration guide step by step. Used the blog to see if we could find a similar problem (nop). 

And now my client wants to cancel their Klaviyo subscription and move to another CRM because we just can't connect...

What can we do? Need quick help as you can guess... Thanks.


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 20 March 2023, 20:22

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4 replies

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Hi @CharlesPointFr!


The first thing I would do is check the grade of your SSL Certificate. You can do this by visiting the following site and entering your store URL:


If the grade is less than an A, it could cause issues during the integration with Klaviyo. May I ask which version of Prestashop you are using? If the SSL grade is an A and you are still experiencing the issue, it may be helpful to reach out to Support if your plan allows it, as it could be an account-specific issue.


I hope this helps get you started!

- Brian

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Hello, thank you for your answer.


Prestashop version:


It’s a B :/



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Hi @CharlesPointFr!


I would definitely consider working with your developer/client to raise that to an A, since lower SSL scores can cause issues with several different Klaviyo integrations. This also aligns with the error message you’re receiving.


Here’s an external guide that you might find helpful:


I also see that you have a Support Ticket open, so they will also be able to add some more account-specific context.





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Thanks Brian. Keep up the good work o/