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  • 18 November 2020
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Hi there,

I hope you are all well.


I am struggling with my feeds!!!!
I have a shopify website connected to Klaviyo.
I created different product feeds with different parameters to test the way they display the product…

None of my feeds displays any product in my email…  :( 
One of the feed is really easy because it is just a collection feed (not smart collection, no personnal recommandation)

When i put a product block with the manual insertion of product, i can see them perfeclty.


Could you pease help me on that guys please?
I don’t get wy it is not working.



Best answer by Julia.LiMarzi 27 November 2020, 21:57

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9 replies

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Hey Mathieu, 

If you are not seeing product populatewhen using a collection, I recommend using the smart collection instead.

The difference between a “collection” and “smart collection” in Klaviyo is determined by Shopify. “Collections” in Klaviyo are manually created collections within Shopify where you pick which items are included. “Smart collections” however are based on rules you set that require a product meets certain requirements to be included. Smart collections do not include any personal recommendations as they are, but Klaviyo can allow you to use personal recommendations when adding the feed as a block with an email or template.

When creating a collection in Shopify, even a smart collection, it always creates a manual collection first. This collection will be removed from Shopify when you change the settings to by dynamic, but by that time a “collection” by that name is already created in Klaviyo, which is why you’ll often see both a “collection” and a “smart collection” by the same name when creating a product feed in Klaviyo. When this happens, often the “collection” will be empty because you did not select any products manually, and the “Smart collection” will contain the products based on the rules set in Shopify.

You can find more information on smart collections in Shopify’s API documentation. I hope this helps!


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Hi Julia,

Thanks for your answer but i have already tested with smart collection too. No results...

I even tried with the feed generated by Klaviyo SHOP_POPULAR_ALL_CATEGORIES and nothing appears on the email.

I am desperate… 

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Hey Mathieu, 

Thanks for clarifying further. 

So being able to see the products from Shopify in individual product blocks but not any product feeds could be due to:

  1. the products are out-of-stock in your Shopify store
  2. the products are available but inventory is not being tracked (or is being tracked by a third-party app - not Shopify)

If the problem is 1) Klaviyo automatically filters out out-of-stock items from product feeds since typically you don’t want to promote products that are unavailable for purchase, but you should be able to fix this and view them in a feed when stock is added within Shopify (it may take a short while to sync though).

If the problem is 2) we can override that functionality and allow customers to display products in a product feed regardless of stock quantity, as long as the product is published to your Shopify store. At this time, you’ll need to contact our support team so we can process that change.

Does it look like either of these could apply to your situation? 

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INDEEEEED! My product stock is not tracked on shopify as i am using a third app (print on demand).

Ok it is clear now. I am not sur a can modify this parameters so i will choose your support solution.

What i exactly need to write to your support team please?


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Hey Mathieu, 

Awesome, I’m glad we were able to figure this out together. I’ve spoken to a community moderator so we can escalate this post as a ticket through our support channel and get your account updated as fast as possible. Someone from the team should reach out shortly with next steps.

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For anyone else coming across this thread who is troubleshooting their product feeds, there is another possible cause for not seeing products in preview.

If you :

  • know you have the correct collection selected
  • you are able to see individual product blocks but not product feeds in the preview
  • you have products in stock and are not using a third-party app to track your stock

and you’re still not seeing your products load within your product feed, it may be because the product feed hasn’t been associated with the message yet because no messages have been sent. 

Try changing the recipient of your campaign to a segment with only you and sending the campaign to see if the blocks load correctly. If you’re editing a flow message and cannot change the trigger, set the message to manual. Try to trigger the flow yourself and find your email under Recipients > Needs Review. Send the message to yourself and open it in your email provider to see if the product feed loaded correctly. 

After confirming it has, you can set the flow to live if you wish, and you should be able to see the products load in the product feed when you try to preview your message again in the future. 

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Hello there

I am hoping you can put some light on what I should do.

I had a woocommers site and linked it to klaviyo. I now have a Shopify account. I deleted the woocommer account. should I delete all my product feeds and start again?

The reason I ask is even though I have deleted my woocommers website, all the products are sitting in my account, but not showing in the emails.

When I connected my woocommers website the product feed let me connect Category which worked perfectly, but when I started setting up the Shopify feed it only shows Smart Collection: or Tags. I have set 2 feeds up with smart collection and tags (should I be using both together?) But they are not showing up on emails either.

I have set all my stock levels.

I didn’t know if I should delete all my feeds, uninstall Shopify and install it again.

I really appreciate your help


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Hello again

I think it is sorted. I think it just needed time to recognise the new feeds I had set up.

We need patience sometimes.

The OLD woocomers feed don’t work so I am going to delete them.

Thanks for your help. As it didn’t work befor emailing, then it did as soon as I did!! hehe haha

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Hi @Reestar


Thanks for the update so the Community can know your problem was solved and what was contributing to your issue!