Pulling info from typeform to Klaviyo profiles

  • 30 November 2023
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I want to set up a quiz in Typeform that asks clients a few keys questions and based on those answers our Welcome flow will send her a product recommendation.
1) I have a quiz in English and in French, but I want a single custom property in Klaviyo to be filled.
Example: In english the client will answer “red” while in French a different will answer “rouge”, but I want the common custom field “color” to be populated with “red”. Is this possible?

The last time I connected Typeform, it simply transferred all the quiz questions into custom fields. Can I choose to have only specific questions populate Klaviyo? Or must everything go?


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If you need extra logic between Typeform and Klaviyo, a workflow automation solution like Make or Zapier is perfectly designed for this.

Make is a visual, no-code workflow automation system with pre-built connectors for over 1,600 different SaaS solutions including Typeform and Klaviyo. 

There’s a vibrant  Make Community where you can find folks who can help with the steps needed.


So essentially, it cannot be done without a third party app connecting the two platforms?

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That’s the drawback with direct integrations - they’re great at simple “this field goes there” data flows, but as soon as you want some other kind of logic it would require the author of the connector to go and implement it every time. That’s usually not viable. As a result, direct integrations usually cover (at best) the requirements of only 80% of customers.

Everyone who needs extra logic needs something different. You need something that will provide a flexible framework for extra logic in the data flow … which is exactly what a workflow automation solution will do.

As a first step, I’d suggest registering on the Make Community and posting the same outline you posted above. You’ll find someone will step in with a framework solution in Make pretty quickly!



Am I correct to assume I would need the same thing for integrating Loop returns to Klaviyo as well?

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@Lorelle - I have worked with clients that used Loop returns with Klaviyo.  Not sure what you want to do with Loop returns and Klaviyo, but a set of common use cases is outlined in their help article here:

The common thing to do first is to have Klaviyo send out the various notifications (instead of having Loop send it).  That way, you get all the benefits of Klaviyo features, deliverability, and analytics/reporting and more complex Flow logic.

For more advance use cases, you can build specific Segments and create Flows from those Segments.  The article suggests a few scenarios, so I’m just listing it here for reference:


  • Sending a different confirmation email based on return outcome (e.g. refund vs. exchange vs. gift card)
  • Creating a unique return flow for a first-time customer 
  • Building segments based on return reason (e.g. users who have returned an item in the last 30 days because it was too small) 
  • Identifying high-volume/serial returners for exclusion from certain promotions 
  • Mixing & matching with other integrations for advanced segmentation (e.g. all users who have left a negative review but have not returned their item)


Hope this helps!


Your examples of segment flows are a part of the reason I want to integrate Loop to Klaviyo. Pus I would like to include conditional splits in my post-purchase flow based on if the y issued a full-return, partial return or no return. At the moment Klaviyo seems to only see full returns in Shopify.

Thank you to both @retention and @David_Gurr_Make for the details explanations.