Question regarding June 13th 2022 API changes

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Thanks to everyone in advance -


I received the below email from klaviyo - I am wondering if I am required to update our backend/restapi integration considering it uses a private key?

We use the PHP klaviyo library and use the track() method across our system.







Hi there,


I am reaching out to you because of an upcoming API change that we believe will impact how you are passing certain profile updates to Klaviyo.


What’s Changing

After June 13th, our Identify API will no longer support making updates to an existing profile’s unique identifiers (email address, phone number, and external id). Now, to make these profile  updates, you will need to utilize Klaviyo’s Profiles API, which requires using an account’s Private API Key.



In order to prevent potential abuse, we will require the use of a Private API Key to update profile identifiers like email address and phone number using our Profiles API.


Action Required

Over the last 90 days, we’ve observed profile identifier updates in your account occurring using our Identify API. Before June 13th 2022, we ask that you migrate to using our server-side Profiles API for these updates following this guide:  Update profile identifiers via API


If you are unsure how these profile updates are occurring, it is possible they are being made by a third-party application. Klaviyo has already notified all of our technology and agency partners regarding these upcoming API changes so that supported integrations can be updated appropriately. If you have any questions or concerns, please review our F.A.Q. or respond to this email.



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@sromano Klaviyo explicitly mentions the identify API and not the track API. So my assumption is that this should not be an issue.

With that said for the track API there is a current and legacy API. 






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Hey @sromano,

To confirm @Omar’s comment, the upcoming changes will only impact the Identify API as detailed in that notice and our Community notice below. No changes are being made to our Track API. 

If you’re unsure if this will impact you, I would suggest reviewing your own backend alongside your developers. As mentioned, this change will impact the behavior of how the Identify API function as it will no longer support making updates to an existing profile’s unique identifiers (email address, phone number, and external id). In the event you were leveraging the Identify API in this manner, you’ll want to take the steps outlined in our Update profile identifiers via API Developer guide.