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  • 15 March 2024
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So I’ve recently installed and started testing Klaviyo reviews. There was something in particular that interested me enough to install it.

On the “Getting started with Klaviyo reviews” help page, it says the following:


Anyone can submit a review by visiting your website, navigating to a product page, and clicking Write a review. Reviews submitted through a Klaviyo Reviews flow are marked as verified reviews, as these use a unique link confirming the identity of the reviewer. Only verified reviews can include a rating (i.e., select between 1 and 5 stars) alone; unverified reviewers must include a text review in order to submit a product rating. 


The part I’ve highlighted suggests to me, that verified reviewers can just click a star and not write anything, this will be logged as a rating, if they write anything then that’ll be a full review. However, if they just click a star and leave without writing anything then that’ll be a rating. Which will be included in the product’s star rating but not show as a review.

This was somewhat confirmed when I was doing research, I checked various people’s websites whom use Klaviyo reviews and their product’s star ratings shown at the top were higher than the number of reviews shown at the bottom. For example, at the top it’ll show 525 ratings, you scroll down to the review widget and it shows 489 ratings.

This was consistent across a number of websites and suggested my understanding was correct. So I went ahead and installed Klaviyo reviews.

After some initial testing on my site as a verified reviewer, I cannot for the life of me leave just a star rating without review text.

I click the star I want and leave and the rating is not applied.
I click the star I want and the “Done” button isn’t clickable.

Is that paragraph wrong, or badly worded, am I wrong? If so, then how are all the websites I checked showing a larger star rating than the number of reviews?


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Hi @AntS!

I’ll check on this with our Reviews team and update the thread ASAP!



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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply. 

I've received an update from Julian at Shopify support, he's been helping me with a few issues, including this.

The issue mentioned above was a bug and is now fixed and working.