Restrict Shopify Products From Populating in Replenishment Flow

  • 17 May 2021
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Is there any way to block certain products from Shopify populating in a replenishment flow?

The issue I’m running into is that a customer was able to follow a link to an auto-filled cart with her previous purchases, and one of the products was a free gift-with-purchase that she was able to redeem a second time. 

The 100% off gift uses the same SKU as the original product, and it’s listed as a product variant that is invisible on the store.

Is there a conditional I can add to the block to avoid this issue?


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3 replies

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Hey Kellen, great question! I can’t think of a way to ensure that only one item does not show in the Replenishment Reminder email, but there is a way to ensure that a Replenishment Reminder email does not send to customers who had that free item in that specific order.

Option 1: Seeing as the Replenishment Reminder flow is triggered by ‘Placed Order’, and ‘Ordered Product’ is a separate event triggered seconds after ‘Placed Order’, I would think that adding an Additional Filter to the Replenishment Reminder email would do the trick.

The filter setup would be ‘What someone has done or not done’ → ‘Ordered Product’ → where ‘Variant Name’ equals [Variant Name] → ‘Zero times’ → ‘Since starting this flow’. Here’s a screenshot if you’re more visual like me. This would prevent sending customers from receiving a replenishment reminder email for that one order entirely.

Option 2: An easier way could be utilizing Shopify by deselecting ‘Continue selling when out of stock’ for that specific variant and setting the inventory for that variant to 0. I don’t believe that it would prevent the item from populating in the Replenishment Reminder flow, but it does prevent customers from purchasing that variant again.

Hopefully this helps and works! 

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Thanks for this great answer, @DanJacobs! Love how thorough this is. Thanks so much for contributing to the Community with both options. 

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Thank you @cassy.lee, and you’re very welcome! This new forum is awesome.