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  • 20 May 2024
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The reviews carousel widget that has been installed on my site’s homepage has stopped updating featured reviews as of 13 days ago. I’ve selected many reviews to feature in the last 13 days and none of these latest reviews are showing up on the homepage widget. 

I’ll also mention that every other widget is updating and displaying on my site accurately, it is only my carousel widget that isn’t updating. Any suggestions on how to fix?



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Let's try the following troubleshooting methods to figure out why your Carousel widgets aren’t working as you would expect them to:

  • Make sure the widget code you downloaded from your account has not been modified in any way (no line breaks, etc). Your modifications could be interfering with the widget. Take a fresh copy of the code from your account, and without modifying it, paste it on your web page.
  • Make sure the widget code was pasted in the source code of your web page via the Code Editor and not through the Visual Editor.
  • Make sure you are not previewing the web page as the widget may not always appear when you are making edits to the page. Try saving the changes, and logging out or viewing the web page in incognito mode.
  • If you have any 3rd-party plugins installed on your website, try disabling them one by one to find the culprit interfering with your widget.
  • Given the dynamic nature of the Carousel widget, it may not be compatible with website builder platforms that support static iframes only.