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  • 11 November 2022
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I have a scenario on Integromat that receives data and create a pdf file in google drive for a customer.
The Scenario sends the user to a list in Klaviyo and I would like to send the user the pdf I just created for him as an attachment using a list template.
Is it possible?


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3 replies

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Hi Sam, is the integration sending a custom event/metric to Klaviyo that includes a public shareable link to the PDF in Google Drive? If so, you could embed this link in an email using template tags, specifically the event variables.

However, you cannot attach the PDF to the email, as explained here.

Klaviyo, like most email service providers, doesn’t support adding attachments to campaign or flow emails. This is to prevent triggering spam filters, decrease email load time, and protect the security of recipients.

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Hi Saulblum,

How can I add a variable to a profile?
When I create a profile in Klavuyo using Integromat, how can I set the value of the URL to this variable?

Thank you,


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You’d use the Klaviyo API to create a profile and set any fields in that profile:

Once the profile variable is set, see the documentation for the django tagging here.

Variable Format




A simple profile variable
person|lookup:'variable name'

A profile variable, if the variable name contains spaces or special characters

person|lookup:'Favorite Color'