Setting the Currency of a custom order update

  • 12 September 2022
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We have a custom integration where orders are pushed into Klaviyo, we follow the Track request payload for Placed Order. The problem is that the orders are in either CAD or USD on our website (depending on customers location) but the JS update only allows for the value, not a currency parameter. Klaviyo is automatically assuming that all orders are USD which is inflating our revenue reported in Klaviyo.


How do we tell klaviyo what currency the order is in? 


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3 replies

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@Nick_rackattack If you're doing this through a custom integration why not having 1 currency as the reporting currency and having this in the same either USD or CAD and for the displaying of data in emails have a separate field which to use to display alternative currencies and also a value that say in which currency the order was placed.

The alternative would be to have a second Klaviyo account and split the 2 up. In my opinion this sometimes has a better effect to keep not only this separate but also the product catalogs.


Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks for the response @Omar. Are you saying that it would be better to automatically change the currency on our end before the data gets pushed to klaviyo? This might be an option.

We dont want to move to two separate Klaviyo accounts as 99.99% of what we do is identical between the US and CA. The website is the exact same and all the products are identical. The only thing I need the currency for is reporting. We dont send out eDMs with product pricing so having separate pricing fields is not an issue.

To confirm; there is no way to pass a currency parameter over to Klaviyo as part of the payload?

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AFAIK there is no separate currency option at the moment. Currency is only a symbol that get's added in front of the value. No conversion here. So I'd say just send it over in one (your main) currency you're currently using.