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  • 31 July 2022
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Is there ANYONE in the Klaviyo community that has managed to embed the Tracking Number generated by ShipBob fulfilment into a Klaviyo email template?

ShipBob has a direct API with Klaviyo but under the Event ‘Label Created’ there are no tracking number or tracking url variables.

I have tried asking Klaviyo Support but they have been next to useless. 


Adding a tracking number varible to an email flow is probably the single most important communication that a customer needs.






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Hey @Eamonn 

Sorry for my delay, as I was out of office. I was able to see that support answered your submitted ticket. Did they fully answer your question or do you still need more help with your ShipBob API?

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Hi Stephen,


Thanks for getting back to me.


I still have not got a resolution but I’m beginning to suspect that the issue is with the Shipbob API not passing the Event information to Klaviyo. I made a screen recording of the issue on the Klaviyo email template editor. You can view it here



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I just viewed your video. I first need to say that your explanation of what we were looking at and how to find the event variable for the tracking information was a master class! You really know how to use Klaviyo!  You are correct, the issue is with ShipBob API not sending any data to Klaviyo. As you explained very well, you would see some indication of their data in Klaviyo if we received it. Also like you showed and explained, you won’t see the event variable populate until the event exists on at least 1 profile. 

Also, although WooCommerce is being sent data from ShipBob, not all data from WooCommerce is natively synced through Klaviyo’s API. This is why you aren’t seeing anything from WooCommerce about this in your account. Once you get the ShipBob API solved let me know if you still can’t get the event variable to work, but I’m confident you already know what to do!

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Thanks for the compliment, Stephen!


I’ll keep you posted on progress just as soon as I hear back from the ShipBob team.


As regards my proficency with Klaviyo, I think I have only begun to scratch the surface. I now need to understand flows, the infinite permutations/timimg stratagies of same and the psychology behind effective email marketing. It could be a long journey :-)



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Hi @Eamonn , did you end up hearing back from ShipBob and finding a resolution for this? 

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Hi Bella,

Sadly and surprisingly Klaviyo support was next to useless in relation to this matter.


They advertise on their website that they fully integrate with ShipBob but on the ONE function that really matters (tracking data) they do not. Furthermore, my overall impression of Klaviyo support is that their responses appear to be focused on giving the perception that they are engaging with you to solve the issue but in reality, it seems like is about optics, not finding a solution.

I have had to pay to external Klaviyo partners which both were equally useless and in the end I managed to find a workaround myself by using Zapier. Zapier should not be necessary as all it does is take information in the Woocommerce database and passes this to Klaviyo. Klaviyo maintain the ShipBob/Klaviyo API was not written by them so they have no control over how it functions. My question to Klaviyo, which still remains unanswered, is why can the company simply write their own API. Its not rocket science.



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Hi @Eamonn , I was able to resolve the issue on my own. I ended up reviewing the ‘In Transit’ event and was able to pull in the tracking inform via here. See image attached - do these metrics / data pull in on your end?